Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do you deliver installs?

We're a vertically and horizontally integrated app advertising company that owns it's own network and several partner networks where we run reward based installs campaign to achieve user acquisition goals for our clients.

We've millions of registered users all across the globe looking to try out new apps & games in return of economic value to them. Given our clients specific requirement, we publish your app/tracking link across our network where millions real users are available on-demand to install your app and perform certain activity based on your requirement.


Are these real human users?

All users are 100% real human users. Every download is performed by real people who are either registered to our network or our partner networks. Everyday tens of thousands of new registrants join our network(s) for the very same reason.

Is it safe? Will Google or Apple penalize me for this?

Yes, this is 100% safe. There's is nothing wrong with driving people to install your app by incentivising them - as most free offers, referral offers and discount coupon marketing is based on the same philosophy.

Since all installs are 100% real human installs - there's no reason for Apple or Google to suspect, like any other conventional promotional activity you get thousands of organic installs. This is no different, when real people install your app after seeing one of your promotional offers.

Incent-installs are common practice even by big organizations to maintain app rankings. Apple or Google does not penalise incent-installs - rather for Ratings and reviews, hence we do not provide Ratings and reviews.

What kind of engagement can I expect?

There are various type of installs with various degree of engagement. Like for Standard installs, users generally install and uninstall your app on the same day - but you're capable of getting huge volume of installs very quickly which boosts your number of app download numbers in the app store. For High-retention & Extra High Retention installs, users keep you app installed from 3-4 days & 30-60 days respectively.

If you're looking for deeply engaged users then you must opt for CPA installs where you can define user behavior and have highly interactive users engage with your app.


In what time frame will my installs be delivered?

Our turn around time depends on your requirement & target region.

With our vast network which encompasses a significant portion of the major countries - we're capable of delivering tens of thousands of downloads from any region daily.

You can choose to get your installs in one day or over a period of 60-90 days, the choice is yours.

Can you deliver installs for games?

Yes of course. All our campaigns are applicable for games as well. In fact if you choose a CPA campaign for games, you can also have users play your games for the first few levels.

Can you deliver installs for Paid apps?

Yes. In case of paid apps, the charges are slightly higher and you also pay the purchase price of the app along with our installs cost. Kindly submit your requirement here for us to get back (Get a quote)

What are these different types of installs?

Standard Installs: Regular is our most basic CPI product. Users get rewarded for downloading and installing your app. This is the right campaign type for you if you just want to initially boost your app downloads. Users generally keep your apps for less than one day on their phone, but it boosts your app download numbers in the store permanently.

High retention Installs: High Retention is our more advanced CPI product. Users get incentivised for downloading, installing, and keeping your app for at least three days. This is the right campaign type for you if you are looking for users to keep your app installed for at least a 3 day period. High retention is always our preferred choice over Standard installs - as it adds tremendous value to our overall app marketing activity in the long run. Though a significant portion of our clients do prefer Standard installs, because it is the most cost effective way to drive large volume downloads in a very short period of time.

Extra High Retention Installs: Extra High Retention Install is a much more advanced product that is only offered by a handful of ad networks - we're one of them. Incase of Extra High Retention, users keep your app installed on their phone for 30-60 days instead of 3 days. This is much better option if you're looking for strong sustainable app store rank boosting. Please note: This is only available from USA users.

Keyword search installs: Keyword search Installs are extremely effective is getting apps ranked for a set of keywords. Unlike Standard Installs, in Keyword Search Installs the Users first search for the given 'keyword' in the Play store then go on to install your App or Game on their phone - boosting your Play store rankings for that particular keyword. You can choose variations of the name of your app, generic keywords or any other word as your search criteria. This type of install is highly recommended as part of your ranking strategy.

CPA Installs (Cost per action): CPA campaigns not only drive users to your app, but make them interact the way you want to by predefining conversion events users have to achieve before getting rewarded. A method that ensures extensive use of your app and the guarantee that the users have seen your best features and content. This is the right campaign type for you if you want to acquire engaged users and optimize ROI right from the start.

Which type of install is best for me?

It completely depends on your objective and marketing mix.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, most of our services are available at lower prices for bulk purchases. Our prices and discounts fluctuate depending on various factors.

How do I achieve higher rankings with your service?

Ranking is one of the major reason why people buy Installs other than maintaining a daily user flow in order to avoid drops in the Top charts.

The whole idea is to be able to drive enough downloads and activity to your apps & games - so that your app can start ranking for a particular category, keyword or region which will eventually attract organic downloads and usage. Though ranking depends on many factor like targeting, number of downloads and their quality, your ASO among other factors.

So ranking comes down to your marketing mix given your target category, region and competitor group. We generally guarantee ranking if you're choosing your packages by yourself, though a large number of downloads definitely increase your chances of ranking.

We do have exclusive packages that can help you attain Top 10 rankings, but for that we would have to first analyze your app. Kindly contact us for the same.

Can I attain Top 10 ranking with MyAppRanker services?

Yes, it is possible. For getting a Top 10 Ranking either for a particular keyword, region or category - you need to device a good marketing mix which involves huge volume of installs, high activity, keyword installs, app title & description optimization and more. We can only suggest what can propagate your app to the Top 10 position though do not guarantee ranking position - as it depends on many factors and many of which are beyond our control.

For guaranteed ranking package, kindly contact us to give you a quote.

How do I track my installs?

For every order you'll receive detailed report including IP addresses, handset model, region, activity and more. Apart from this you can always provide us with your own tracking link - and you'll be able to monitor live installs data on your tracking dashboard.

We support AppsFlyer, Adjust & Tune tracking links also, instead of direct App Store links you can provide us with tracking links as well.

How can I increase my reviews & ratings?

There are many services online that provide reviews and ratings. We've temporarily discontinued these services as we have reason to believe it exposes ones account to unnecessary risk of getting suspended.

Can I get users from a particular country or region?

Yes of course. You can choose to drive your installs from any specific country or region.

Can I get users to perform a particular task?

Yes. Choose CPA installs for this and you can define almost any task that could be performed within 5-10 mins.


What is your refund policy?

We believe in helping all customers as far as possible, but once your campaign has been initiated or the installs delivered, we will not be able to issue a refund. In rare case such as placing inaccurate order we would mutually decide for a partial or a full refund depending upon the work that has been completed.




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