10 Things I Learned From Taking 100 Usability Tests

Usability testing is a technique to evaluate a product or service by testing it with users. The users work on tasks while observers take notes, listen, and learn. After taking more than 100 usability tests (I took them all on Usability Hub), I’ve noticed some interesting things about how people are using usability tests today. […]

21 App Optimization Tools for Data-Driven Marketers

App marketing is serious business. With the number of app downloads now at record setting highs, there’s a lot at stake for marketers competing on the app store. To win in this environment, we need to set goals, measure as much as we can, and optimize for the best user experience. This is no different […]

6 App Analytics & Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

If you are someone who looks after the analytics and marketing, you would want to look back at the campaigns that worked for you and the trends that rocked 2016. In most organizations, despite constraints, marketers are expecting to spend a huge chunk of their marketing budget on digital platforms and they would want to […]

5 Myths About App Store Optimisation

Hang on to your brain. I’m going to throw some numbers at you. Apps are a big business. Really big. App sales are a $25 billion industry, as reported by WSJ. This doesn’t account for the broader revenue generated by other industries that are part of the app economy. VisionMobile estimates that the global app […]