17 Testing Tools for Mobile UX

Below, you will find 17 tools that will help you test various features of your app and obtain real-time feedback. The tools will help you discover where your users are struggling and, thus, how to improve your app. Let’s get started! 1. Userlytics Best feature – Recruiting couldn’t be any simpler. You can send an […]

35 Resources to Help You Maximize Your Apps Visibility

Ask any technology investor what the hot area is today, and they’ll tell you it is mobile. Indeed, more people own a smartphone now than ever before, and that number is growing every day. Currently, the App Store has around 1 million apps, and it adds about 20,000 apps per month. In total, there have […]

The Must-Have Mobile App Metrics Your Business Cannot Do Without

This article is a summary of the AppInTop mobile app marketing podcast in which AppInTop talked with CTO and co-founder of the mobile analytics company, Paul Müller, and senior account strategist at Google, Stanislav Vidyaev. This summary covers some key facts about mobile analytics. The way people interact with an app is different from […]

Increasing Sales From Mobile Visitors (Infographic)

The use of mobile devices on the web is increasing, and Google is adding more updates to their search algorithm that favor mobile-friendly websites. So if you’re only thinking about desktop visitors, it’s high time to make your site mobile-friendly. From checking to confirm your website works with mobile to ensuring you comply with Google’s […]