“Buy iOS Installs for your Apps & Games”

Choose a good mix of different type of installs to attain better App store ranking.

Standard Installs

Standard is our most basic CPI product. Users get rewarded for downloading and installing your app. This is the right campaign type for you if you just want to boost the number of downloads on the store. Users generally keep your apps for less than one day on their phone, but it boosts the number of overall installs of your app.Please note: This is only available from USA users.

Keyword Search Installs

Keyword search Installs are extremely effective is getting apps ranked for a set of keywords. Unlike Standard Installs, in Keyword Search Installs the Users first search for the given ‘keyword’ in the App store then go on to install your App or Game on their phone – boosting your App store rankings for that particular keyword. You can choose variations of the name of your app, generic keywords or any other word as your search criteria. This type of install is highly recommended as part of your ranking strategy.