“Buy High Engagement Android Installs (CPA) for your Apps & Games”

CPA campaigns not only drive users to your app, but make them interact the way you want to by predefining conversion events users have to achieve before getting rewarded. A method that ensures extensive use of your app and the guarantee that the users have seen your best features and content. This is the right campaign type for you if you want to acquire engaged users and optimise ROI right from the start.

CPA campaigns require the user to trigger an event by completing a certain action. The action must be free and must not take longer than 5 minutes.

Advantages of CPA Campaigns

    • Drive interactive users that will boost your app’s popularity

    • Set pre-defined conversion event to get users to do exactly what you want

    • This method ensures that user have seen the best parts of your app

    • The best campaign type if you’re looking to grow your business & sales.

Promote Apps and Games

All of our packages are well designed and optimised for both apps and games.

Installs from Trusted Publishers

We run incentivized offer walls and deliver installs from real users and devices on a CPI basis. Some of our partners are Clicksmob, Fyber,nativeX, AppLift, ADColony, Tapgerine and more

Huge Volumes

MyAppRanker allows you to advertise your applications to millions of active users!

Detailed reporting

Every order comes with detailed reports from time of download, country, IP, Device, duration and more. You will know precisely how your campaign is going.

Fraud prevention

Our technology identifies abnormal clicks, devices and installs data. We take security very seriously. As a result, you won’t ever pay for fraudulent installs or downloads.