“Buy Android Installs for your Apps & Games”

Choose a good mix of different type of installs to attain better Playstore ranking.

Standard Installs

Standard is our most basic CPI product. Users get rewarded for downloading and installing your app. This is the right campaign type for you if you just want to initially boost your app downloads. Users generally keep your apps for less than one day on their phone, but it boosts your app rankings quickly if you buy enough downloads.

High Retention Installs

High Retention Installs is our more advanced CPI product. Users get incentivized for downloading, installing, and keeping your app for at least three days. This is the right campaign type for you if you are looking for users to keep your app for at least a certain amount of time in order for you to improve your app store ranking.

Extra High Retention Installs

Extra High Retention Install is a much more advanced product that is only offered by a handful of ad networks – we’re one of them. Incase of Extra High Retention, users keep your app installed on their phone for 30-60 days instead of 3 days. This is much better option if you’re looking for strong sustainable app store rank boosting.

Please note: This is only available from USA users.