About MyAppRanker

MyAppRanker is a leading provider of incentivized app installs. We drive incent traffic to your apps and games to quickly boost it’s rankings and popularity so it starts attracting large number of organic users in a short period of time.

Boost Your App Downloads, Visibility & Store Rankings To Attract a Flood of Loyal Organic Users”

Our CPI Installs have a huge impact when it comes to climbing app store rankings by increasing organic installs, as well as paid. We start by delivering a high volume of paid installs in a short period of time, which in turn, boosts app store rankings. With your app now sitting at the top of the rankings it is more easily discovered by users, which automaically leads to an increase in free organic installs.

MyAppRanker is a four year old leading CPI based Guaranteed App Installs provider catering to thousands of developers, publishers, studios & startups around the world, having delivered over 70 Million downloads till date. We work with a network of most reputed ad platforms that specializes in running incentivized offer walls that deliver installs across both iTunes & Play Stores.

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