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MyAppRanker is one of the leading provider of premium quality iOS & Android Installs since 2014. We can help you gain tens of thousands of 'guaranteed installs' to achieve mass Popularity and Top Chart Rankings for your apps and games.

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Our CPI Installs have a huge impact when it comes to climbing app store rankings. We start by delivering a high volume of paid installs in a short period of time, which in turn, boosts your store rankings. With your app now sitting at the top of the rankings it is more easily discovered by users, which automaically leads to an increase in free organic installs.

"Boost your App Downloads, Store Rankings & Popularity"

  • Gain 100% Real Human Downloads - no bots used!

    Highest quality installs from Tier-I location, Fresh devices & IPs

  •   Increase the number of downloads of your app & Boost Credibility

  •   Achieve Top Keyword ranking, Category ranking and Country ranking

      Achieve Top 10, Top 5 or even Top 1 ranking in app store

  •  Gain Engaged users by ordering High Retention & CPA installs

  •  Boost Your Loyal Organic User base

      Boost your Ad Revenue & In-app purchases

     Dominate highly competitive markets

Harness the Power of Incentivised Installs.

"Whether you are conducting a launch campaign, trying to boost your rankings/app revenue or trying to maintain a daily user flow in order to avoid drops in the Top charts, MyAppRanker is a reliable CPI partner that has the capacity to drive thousands of GUARANTEED daily installs for your App"

Our Pricing

Standard CPI

Standard Installs

Get thousands of users on demand to install your app to quickly boost your download numbers.



								Retention CPI

High Retention Installs

Get mobile users to install your app and keep it on their phone for 3-7 days.


Not Available  

CPA (High Engagement

Keyword Search Installs

Users search for the given keyword and install your app helping you rank higher keyword(s).



Standard CPI

High Engagement Installs

Get thousands of mobile users from a specific country or region to install and interact with your app by predefined conversion events.



								Retention CPI

Country Targeted CPI

Get thousands of mobile users from a specific country or region to install your app to quickly boost your downloads.



CPA (High Engagement)

USA Targeted CPIs

Get tens of thousands of mobile users from USA to install and try out your App. To get downloads from other countries Click here



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Incentivised installs vs Non-incentivised installs

What are incentivised installs? When people get paid money, a prize, or some kind of reward to install an app, perform an action within the app it is called an incentivised install.

The main goal of an incent traffic is to get a GUARANTEED INSTALLS for your app as opposed to unpredictable CPI campaigns. Our unique targeting options allow you to direct a relevant user base and boost the number of installs quickly so that the app will rise up on the App Store charts. When surfacing in the overall Top 10 or 25 or reaching the top of a category, your app will see an organic uplift in traffic.

Another important advantage is that installs generated from incent traffic sources are extremely cost effective, as Cost-Per-Install (CPI) for rewarded installs is significantly lower than that of non-rewarded CPI. An incent traffic campaign provides app developers an opportunity for their app to beat big brand apps either in their local region, for a particular set of keywords or a category.

As for non-incent traffic, its main advantage is associated with the high user LTV. A non-incent campaign allows you to engage an audience targeted by a more data-driven granulated approach. Generally, non-incent based campaigns can lead your CPI to be as high as $3 – $15 depending on how well the . Incent based marketing campaigns can lead to much lower costs. The price is highly dependent on the Vertical/Geo/Gender/Device and availability of such traffic for a precise date. Of course, when comparing user loyalty rate of incent and non-incent campaigns, you will certainly get a higher loyalty rate from users generated from a non-incent campaign but the cost of such a campaign will be proportionally higher. The big advantage of an incent campaign is the ability to bring you guaranteed number of downloads and improve your app store rank within a very short period of time resulting in a substantial organic boost shortly after.

To learn more, visit our FAQ section.

Why choose MyAppRanker

MyAppRanker is a four year old leading CPI based Guaranteed App Installs provider catering to thousands of developers, publishers, studios & startups around the world, having delivered over 90 Million downloads till date. We work with a network of most reputed ad platforms that specilizes in running incentivised offer walls that deliver installs across both Android & iOS app stores.

At MyAppRanker our objective is to deliver Highest Quality of Installs by optimizing our traffic, targeting your incent ads on multiple offer walls and setting up goals to track open rates and session times. Based on these metrics we spread your campaign across multiple networks of different configuration to achieve the installs target by keeping ad spend within our budget.

When running an install campaign, it’s important to check if the downloads that the publisher provides are actually getting into the App Store and Google Play store or not. The app stores have in-built fraud detection tools and usually reject any installs from duplicate IP addresses, whereas regular publishers don’t differentiate between these installs.

Checking the log files from trackers and comparing them to the statistics from each app store will give valuable insight on what kind of traffic is coming in and you should obviously not pay for any rejected installs. Some trackers, such as TUNE, also have fraud prevention features that allow you to mitigate fraud by blocking duplicate requests, jailbroken iOS devices and fake in-app purchases.

We put in the extra effort to deliver great results for you. Install campaigns have lately gained some negative press, but it still continues to help apps & games climb the charts and gain a position to start attracting organic installs and high LTV users. Discovery continues to be the most frustrating problem for app owners in the app store, so incentivised installs are still one of the core strategies in the app economy. The trick is to partner with a reliable traffic partner that maintains the highest standards and doesn't cut corners to to be able to cater to large number of client requests.

With MyAppRanker, you can be rest assured that all our years of experience, and our vast network coupled with a commitment to deliver only the highest quality of installs - you're in the best of hands.

  • Complete solution

    We're one of the leading company that provides end-to-end CPI based App boosting solution for both platforms (iOS & Android). We have all types from Standard installs, High Retention (3-6 days), Extra High Retention (30-60 days), Keyword Search and High Engagement installs to cater to any specific marketing objective.

  • 100% Human Installs

    100% of ours users are Real Human Users. Even though many claim to provide 100% real human users, not all actually do. Many of them are providing through desktop enabled systems - which are risky for your dev account. With us you'll get complete detailed report of each download including IP, Device, Serial number, Device ID, Location and other data points.

  • Premium Quality

    There are 6-7 grades of traffic available. We only choose to provide the highest quality of traffic in terms of fresh users & devices from tier-I cities unlike dump traffic from lower grade parts of the world which could be detremental to your apps long term growth.

  • Top Rankings

    With our guaranteed installs service, you will get all the exposure you need to rank your app on top of Google Play Store or iTunes App Store for your target keywords, region or category. With the right marketing mix backed with our quality of users, like most of our clients you too will see your app gaining traction in the app store.

  • Detailed Reports

    Every order comes with detailed reports from time of download, country, IP, Device, IDFA, duration, action and more. You will know precisely how your campaign is going. We also support Appsflyer, Tune & Adjust tracking links for advanced tracking of your campaigns.

  • GEO Targeting

    You can target your marketing campaign worldwide or you can target it towards specific country or a set of countries. You can also target as specific as cities & states (only Tier-I), helping you dominate local charts along with Keyword ranking & category ranking. GEO targeting is highly effective if you're dealing with country targeted apps and games.

Take all the frustration out of your time and increase your app downloads and store rankings using our Guaranteed App Install Campaigns.



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